30 DIY Carpentry Projects For Beginners

30 DIY Carpentry Projects For Beginners

It can be very satisfying to take on a do-it-yourself project to add value to your home. It can also be a fun hobby or a way to learn a new skill. 

JBs Handyman helps homeowners with a variety of carpentry and interior finish work in Cache Valley. From molding and drywall to fireplace mantles and flooring—and everything in between—we can take on that long-awaited project you’ve had on your list but have yet to finish. 

And if you’re up for trying some woodworking of your own, here are some ideas to try that can be well within the wheelhouse for any beginner: 


  1. Decorative wooden arrows
  2. Lawn dice
  3. Simple wall shelf
  4. Wooden key holder
  5. Cutting board
  6. Serving Tray
  7. Patio furniture
  8. Bird feeder
  9. Wall hooks
  10. Wooden house number display
  11. Coffee table
  12. Wooden planter
  13. Decorative wood quote sign
  14. Wooden photo holders
  15. Candleholder
  16. Wooden bathtub or couch tray
  17. Magazine holder
  18. Nightstand or end table
  19. Wooden cookbook stand
  20. Pencil holder
  21. Wooden welcome mat
  22. Bookends
  23. Organizer tray
  24. Garden supply box
  25. Small toy bowling lane
  26. Pet bed
  27. Barstool
  28. Blanket ladder
  29. Wooden headboard
  30. Storage cubbies 


Carpentry And Interior Finish Work In Cache Valley

JBs Handyman can help with everything from small projects to those that require the finesse of a professional. No matter your carpentry or interior finish work project, we can help you finally tackle it and enjoy the beauty and benefits it brings to your home.

Contact JBs Handyman to get started on your carpentry and interior finish work in Cache Valley.

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