9 Things To Consider When Choosing A Tile Backsplash

9 Things To Consider When Choosing A Tile Backsplash
Your kitchen backsplash may seem like a background piece, but it’s actually center stage in terms of the design and flow of your kitchen. Backsplashes tie every piece of your kitchen together, and allow you to have some fun in terms of material, pattern, and personal style. 

Putting a little extra thought into the tile you choose is well worth it, and JBs handyman is here to help you create an impactful focal point for your kitchen by showcasing the perfect backsplash. 

Here are some points to consider before making the tile selection for your Cache Valley home

1 – Try out a variety of tile samples. 

Don’t rush to make your decision. Gather a few samples of your favorite materials, rest them up against your wall, and take some time to see how they look in your space. 

2 – Look for variety in your kitchen materials. 

Take a quick inventory of the different finishes around your kitchen, like the metals of your appliances, your countertop material, and your cabinets and hardware. Choose a tile that isn’t too similar and adds a fun pop what also blends cohesively with the rest of the finishes in your kitchen. 

3 – Consider the durability of the tile you choose. 

Ceramic tile is highly durable, affordable, and easy to clean. Porcelain looks similar to ceramic tile, but is more dense and may be stronger and better able to resist moisture and damage. Materials like glass or natural stone may be more expensive and require special care in terms of cleaning and sealing. 

4 – Calculate how much tile you’ll need.

Measure and multiply the height of the wall by the width to determine the square footage and how much tile you’ll need. It’s always wise to order a little extra, just to be safe. 

5 – Play with patterns in focal point areas. 

Above the oven range and kitchen sink are ideal spots to play with color and patterns for your tile. Try diagonal or staggered patterns, or an accent piece with a different tile material or color. 

6 – Consider extending the tiled area for a bold statement. 

Try adding tile farther up your wall or around the room. This is especially pleasing as a visual trick to make small kitchens look larger.  

7 – Don’t be afraid to go a different direction. 

While horizontal tile is a timeless choice, play with the idea of vertical tile or other patterns to make it your own.

8 – Know how to seal your specific tile material.

Each tile material will have different needs in terms of sealing. Make sure you know how often your tile needs to be resealed and keep up with this routine service to extend the life of your tile backsplash.

9 – Invest in high quality grout.

Even if you choose to go for a more affordable tile material, don’t cut corners in terms of grout. How well the tile adheres to the wall is important, so be sure to choose a good grout. 

Tiling & Backsplash Services In Cache Valley, Utah

Choosing the perfect tile backsplash isn’t an endeavor you have to take on yourself. JBs Handyman can help you select and install the perfect tile backsplash design to make your kitchen dreams come true!

Contact us today to get started on your tiling and backsplash project!

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