Custom Shelving Ideas For The Holidays

Custom Shelving Ideas For The Holidays

If you’re looking to give a unique, thoughtful gift this holiday season, JBs Handyman can help with custom shelving and carpentry in Logan, Utah

This is a simple way to add value, function, style, and custom flair to a variety of rooms in the home. Custom shelving not only adds style and a place to display artwork and decor, but can also make the home more functional. This is a way to add storage without sacrificing the look you love in your home. 

Here are a few ideas of ways to implement custom shelving in your home, or in the home of anyone you give this gift to this holiday season. 


Custom Shelving And Carpentry Features

The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom shelving and carpentry in Logan. Here are a few examples: 

  • Floor to ceiling shelves. These look stunning on either side of a doorway or entryway. 
  • A functioning library. Floor to ceiling shelves with a custom sliding ladder are a unique feature in a library, childrens room, or master bedroom. 
  • Open kitchen shelving. Replace upper cabinets with open shelving or feature these in a butlers pantry or coffee nook. Display decor, dishes, and other pieces on these shelves for a stylish way to open up your space. 
  • Pantry shelves. Add new shelving to your pantry that provides greater organization and function. 
  • Floating shelves. Install free standing or connected floating shelves in any room of the home for a unique design element. 
  • Entertainment center shelves. Add cabinet doors with open shelving above it on either side of your television for a way to store games, blankets, books, and more. This is a fun feature for family rooms and multi purpose spaces. 
  • Garage shelves. Wood shelves can make a significant difference in a garage or shed. And with custom shelving and carpentry in Logan, Utah, you can have the perfect shelves to fit your items. 
  • Closet shelving. Install or build drawers, cupboards, wood shelves, shoe racks, and more for a custom closet that perfectly meets your needs. 


Custom Shelving And Carpentry In Logan, Utah 

Give the perfect gift this holiday season with a unique, custom shelving feature from JBs Handyman

Contact JBs Handyman today to get started on your custom shelving or carpentry project in Logan, Utah!


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