Clever Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Clever Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Maximizing storage in a tight space can be fun, plus add to the design of your home. Your handyman in Cache Valley can help by getting creative with solutions like the following: 

  • Start by going through your items and decluttering your home. Keep only what’s necessary and items you’ll use often. 
  • Make up for a lack of closet space. In areas like entryways, create a dropzone by adding stylish hooks or open shelves to the wall. Baskets and bins can help, too. 
  • Utilize concealed storage to stylishly disguise items you may not want out for display. Many storage benches or ottomans have flip tips for storage underneath. 
  • Install small floating shelves and place canisters on top to store everyday items. You can also use open shelving to offer easy access to dishes and other cooking essentials in the kitchen. 
  • Try mounted cubes or shelves installed off the floor. With no doors, you won’t have to worry about clearance space around the shelving. The top and underneath of these spaces can also be utilized for storing other items. 
  • Style your home with unique bookcases like a ladder-style with open shelving and space for books, decor, blankets, and more.
  • Look for small furniture units with shelving, especially for areas like bathrooms. 
  • Install open basket shelving on walls or outside of cabinets for quick-grab items.
  • Install add-ons to the inside of cabinets to store everyday items and reduce clutter. Specialized bins and appliance holders are a couple of examples. 
  • Install vanities with plenty of drawers and cabinets so you can fill every square inch.
  • Maximize vertical space like behind-door storage.

Storage Solutions In Cache Valley

JBs Handyman can install a variety of storage solutions in Cache Valley! We take care of the details for you so you can enjoy a more organized, functional home. 

Contact JBs Handyman for all of your storage and home repair needs in Cache Valley.

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