Tips To Finally Finish That Looming Home Improvement Project

Tips To Finally Finish That Looming Home Improvement Project

Do you have unassembled furniture or equipment, a half-painted room, shelves, shiplap, or tile still sitting in a box somewhere in your home? 

Partially finished home improvement projects can add stress to your plate, but applying some simple project management techniques can help you get it done in less time than you might expect! And a local professional handyman in Cache Valley can help. 

Some projects may be able to be tackled in a weekend, some can take months or longer. If you’re wondering where to start, remember it’s all about time management. Even with the busiest of schedules, these tips can help. 


Do This To Get Your Project Done!

  • Create a vision board. This includes inspiration photos, color and material swatches, and more. A clear vision of the finished result can help give you the motivation you need to get going!
  • Clearly define your objective. This can help you break large projects into smaller, more manageable ones. Visualize what “finished” looks like, and what the desired outcome is in your mind. 
  • Rank the following categories in order of highest importance to least—budget, time, and quality. Consider how much you’re willing to spend, or if you want to go as cheap as possible. Are you willing to wait to save money, or to ensure the project is done exactly how you want it? Do you want the project executed to perfection, or completed quickly? 
  • Gather and order all the supplies you’ll need. Last minute trips to the hardware store aren’t completely unavoidable, but having as many of the resources as you need available can help take some of the stress out of the process. 
  • Don’t be discouraged by unexpected setbacks or challenges. In fact, if you plan for them, it doesn’t have to derail you.
  • Celebrate each milestone in the process, big or small. Breaking your project down into small steps can help you with that feeling of accomplishment and progress, rather than being discouraged, overwhelmed, or stressed. 
  • Set a schedule or appointments for what specific day and time you’re going to tackle each step. This helps make the process feel much more manageable. 
  • Have a definitive completion date on your calendar. This gives you a specific goal to work toward, rather than leaving it open-ended with a greater chance of procrastination. 
  • If you get discouraged or distracted during the process, return to your vision board to reconnect and restart. 
  • Outsource some or all of the project to a trusted professional, like a handyman in Cache Valley.


Handyman In Cache Valley

Enlist the expertise of a local handyman in Cache Valley to help you tackle the various tasks around your home. We can take the stress off your plate and get your project done in no time!

Contact JBs Handyman to get started.

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